The largest biomass quantity in the world is aquatic, and is found in the form of micro- and macro-algae (seaweed). GOA-ventures focuses on (bio-refining) multiple types of valuable extractions [...]


The technology of the future will be the bio-refining of biomass. All types of biomass from the land and sea will be needed to feed the world population and provide us all with products [...]


The bio-refinery technology of GOA-ventures consists of a few steps which are crucial to maximize value extractions. These steps include: harvesting seaweed, segregating crustaceans, fish and [...]


The chosen technology can yield many potential products. However, during this first phase we are focusing on functional food-grade proteins, biogas and minerals. Our approach delivers far more [...]

Sustainable value

  The GOA technology offers a very attractive set of sustainable benefits. Starting with the fact that using seaweeds as stating material put no pressure on the limited available space on [...]