Multiple value extractions with Mother Nature’s best interests in mind.



“We cannot survive in a world that is failing”, is a famous quote that also applies to GOA-Ventures’ innovative business model.  The chosen technology will benefit the delivery of renewable food and energy in one process flow from the same quantity of biomass, while also closing both the carbon and mineral cycles and even improving the aquatic environment.

What makes us different

Multiple carbon reduction

The world is rapidly growing to 9 billion people whilst the world also needs to meet Climate targets. Protein & Energy Transition are key. GOA fits both. Aquatic biomass constitutes more than 70% of all biomass on earth. It can grow rapidly. It can grow in a controlled manner. It captures CO2 in short cycles. With innovative conversion it can replace – more polluting – animal based protein. It also can replace fossil fuels. Combined in one process flow it is a 3-way for carbon reduction. At the same time, the refinery approach is lowering acidification of the sea.

Breakthrough biorefining approach

GOA-Ventures is focused on upscaling seaweed. Only with upscaling we foresee serious impact in carbon reduction. Only with upscaling we foresee an economic viable way forward to feed and fuel the mass-market. GOA has a unique patented bio-refining technique to extract maximum value from seaweed and delivers more pure foodgrade functional protein quality. It delivers beyond benchmark results for biogas. All in one process flow.

Representing the whole chain

The storyline of GOA started as a spin-off from founders DSM & Eneco Group. The partners involved are leaders in their respective chains and cover leadership in protein transition and energy transition. NIOZ (Royal Institute for Sea Research) joined forces to enrich the science approach.

Beyond expectation

The GOA bio-refinery applied during R&D and piloting generated attractive proteins with new claims. And the biogas production is 75% beyond the benchmark. GOA is now ready for upscaling and soon starts a large scale demo to prepare for commercial phasing.  Customers co-invest to set priority and get their distinctive products in the commercial phasing.

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