Seaweed is made up of 5 to 30% protein depending on the class, type, season and location. These proteins are adapted to salty conditions and have great potential to serve as a food source for [...]


The main component in seaweed is carbohydrates. These offer very attractive benefits for processors due to the fact that they do not contain lignin or solid cellulose which makes processing this [...]


The largest biomass quantity in the world is aquatic, and is found in the form of micro- and macro-algae (seaweed). GOA-ventures focuses on (bio-refining) multiple types of valuable extractions [...]


Seaweed do also need minerals such as nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) to grow but also absorb other minerals. Seaweed as such has the capability to accumulate minerals in its cell structure. The [...]


The technology of the future will be the bio-refining of biomass. All types of biomass from the land and sea will be needed to feed the world population and provide us all with products [...]


The bio-refinery technology of GOA-ventures consists of a few steps which are crucial to maximize value extractions. These steps include: harvesting seaweed, segregating crustaceans, fish and [...]


The chosen technology can yield many potential products. However, during this first phase we are focusing on functional food-grade proteins, biogas and minerals. Our approach delivers far more [...]

Sustainable value

  The GOA technology offers a very attractive set of sustainable benefits. Starting with the fact that using seaweeds as stating material put no pressure on the limited available space on [...]