ENECO Energy transition is in full swing, and a social and technological revolution is underway. People and businesses are taking matters into their own hands with increasing frequency. They are taking control, determining where and how they generate, use, store and share clean energy. Since 2007, we have been a frontrunner in the energy market. These days, our “decentralised, sustainable, together” vision is being implemented on an ever larger scale. And this is just the beginning. Our revised mission statement is “Everyone’s sustainable energy.”

Our specific task as Eneco Group is to innovate. And now is the time when we should be accelerating and innovating so that we can maintain our leading position in the energy market and strengthen the relationship with our partners and customers. Our responsibility goes much farther than the production and supply of green energy. We offer added value by giving people services and resources that enable them to take control of their own energy. This starts with putting people’s day-to-day activities first. We want to know what is happening in people’s heads and hearts. When we know what they really want, what motivates and moves them, we can respond more effectively. This is the age of &. We are committed to including everybody in the current revolution. No single party can provide the innovation and acceleration that we need. This can only succeed when we start connecting ambitions, ideas, technologies, people and companies. We can only make progress if we work together. We can only grow if we also share. And we can only move forward if we discover new opportunities and solutions by asking ourselves every day, “What more can I do?” We call this “the age of &”. We take these extra steps with our customers and partners.

This is how Eneco is involved in the GOA project. We work with several parties on the issue of how to make the best use of seaweed or algae for sustainable food, energy and possibly even more applications. Partners provide expertise and development on marine biology, cascaded refinery technologies, enzymes and so forth. Eneco provides expertise on green gas and the marketing and sales of this energy source.

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