Social economic advisory council visited World food center

This day a delegation of the SER (Social Economic Advisory Council) of the Dutch government visited the World Food Center. The SER delegation is a comprising a crosscut of stakeholders such as government, academics as well as workers unions.

This council has an assignment from Dutch Ministries to explore and picture the ‘’GREEN-BLUE Employment’’ opportunities for Netherlands.

The focus is to understand the hurdles and roadblocks for start-ups to grow and create new (green/bleu) employment though innovations.

Hence their visit to Food-Valley and the World Food Centre in Ede was on their agenda.

In the program at the World Food Center organised by FoodX; GOA-ventures as well as 3 other companies, start-ups as well as the local training centre school were asked to present their experiences in creating new jobs and employment for graduates.

The great match of GOA-ventures with the Green-Blue employment investigation of the SER led to good conversations and detailed questions about the origin of the GOA-technology, the number of jobs it could create and most of all ‘’what are the obstacles for GOA? What is needed to grow faster?’’.

Although such questions will require much more time and attention, the SER participants indicated to have a good picture provided by the answers given by GOA. Obviously GOA welcomes more detailed interaction on learnings.

It would be super to cooperate and make Dutch origin technology, being used by Dutch companies and allow Dutch Enterprises to roll-out (export) this maritime / renewable food / renewable energy technology worldwide.

In other words make the SER assignment Green-Blue Employment work. With some help from the Dutch (governmental) systems.

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